Just About Everything, That's What!


Almost Everything!

Except Auto Body

If you have a problem with your car, we can fix it! Plus, we aren’t scared of foreign cars. Nope, not even those highly technical European things! Our technicians are continually trained to be able to service all makes & models, old & new.

From oil changes to tune-ups, we have you covered! Our techs are trained to look out for upcoming services that’ll keep you from being stranded. 

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the amount of knowledge it takes to be able to figure out what’s wrong with a modern vehicle. We have the best tools on the market and continue our training to stay on top of what’s new.

Whether you need one replaced or it needs to be serviced. We can handle it.

Honestly, your suspension is the most crucial part for the safety of you and your family. And, man, does it take a beating! Leave it to us to make sure you get to where you are going without any hiccups.

Not only can we get you the same tires as big box corporate stores, but we stand behind them with a 3 year road hazard protection as well.

You don’t have to drive around in that hot car anymore! We’ve got you covered!

Let us give you the peace of mind with our 5 year FULL REPLACEMENT battery! Some companies will sell you a “5 year” battery but it’s a pro rated warranty that you end up paying for in the end.

Radiators, water pumps, thermostats, cooling fans, etc. We’ve all heard horror stories about them. But, now you “know a guy” and don’t have to worry about them!

At Integrity Auto Care, our certified techs can pinpoint any power steering issue. Yes, even on electric systems!