Vehicle neglect? Is it a thing?

Vehicle neglect? Is it a thing?

Purchasing a car is always super exciting. The upkeep is another thing all together. Especially for a young teenager or a single mom who doesn’t have time for the extra time involved. The last thing we want to do is actually neglect and harm our new purchase and in turn, harm our bank account. So, we compiled a list of things to remember that should save you from getting slapped with a vehicle neglect charge and maybe even an overdraft fee.

  • Give her a bath. Yes, even in the winter time! Let’s just plan on once a week.  The main reason we are concerned about this… rust. From plain dirt to chemical buildup, damages will occur fast on her exterior.  Just think about not taking a shower for a week after being exposed to all that, um…nasty.
  • Drive like you love her.  It can be exhilarating to slam that pedal down and see what she can do. Severe conditions such as snow and ice or avoiding accidents are things we cannot help but taking heed by obeying the speed limit, avoiding aggressive driving, and keeping her properly tuned up can actually improve fuel efficiency.  Every time you get behind the wheel you don’t need to attempt to be Cole Trickle from Days Of Thunder!


  • Follow her doctor’s orders. Doctor who? Us! The maintenance schedule is in your vehicles manual and is not something to be ignored. This is the number one way to baby your baby. Vehicle parts wear out and or become damaged over time. It’s just a fact. Regular visits to a shop helps to avoid more costly repairs in the future. It’s also a good idea to keep receipts of all Inspections and repairs. Think of it as her medical records.


  • Listen when she lights up. Look at me! When that check engine light is illuminated, she needs attention. It could be an easy fix, such as a gas cap not being tightened or it could be some super serious engine trouble. Please don’t ignore this form of communication. Bring her in and we will get her all fixed up.


  • Keep her full. A full vehicle is a happy vehicle. Fluids are important to maintain the performance of her systems and components everyday. Routine checks of  all fluid levels are imperative to ensure safe driving and extend your vehicle’s life. Just for fun, keep her tank above the halfway mark as well. No one needs to be stranded on the side of the road because of a goofy mistake.
  • Check her shoes. Girls love shoes, you know this. Think of your car’s tires as her shoes. No girl is going to wear the same shoes day in and day out and be content. Pay attention to the wear and tear. Check the tread. Check for the proper air inflation. Make sure they are rotated when she needs it (we will let you know when it’s time).  Most important remember, every girl feels amazing in new shoes, so treat her when the time comes! (recommended 25,000 to 50,000 miles)


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