Communication Platforms

In Person #

Personal relationships are a huge part of the experience at Integrity Auto Care.  Ask questions and be friendly with the clients.  When you learn something interesting about a client, take notes in the Customer notes internal to shop-ware to reference when they return.  Be kind, courteous, and understanding every time you interact with a client. 

Phone/Voicemail #

Best practice is to answer the phone by the 2nd ring. Answer the phone with a smile and say,  “Thank you for calling Integrity Auto Care, this is____, how may I help you today?”  

If another line rings, anyone available to answer the phone can do so and put the call on hold.

If assistance is unavailable and you need to put 2nd  line on hold, tell person on phone you are going to answer and be right back. Place 2nd caller on hold. When you get back to 2nd line, “Thanks for holding this is____” Don’t leave a caller on hold for more than 3 minutes. *If not entering directly into the system use appointment message note and complete information.

Employment Verifications These inquiries are to be handled ONLY by an OWNER or GENERAL MANAGER. If they are suspicious in nature, ask for documentation to be emailed to Otherwise, they can send any documents to our office through USPS.

Email #

** Do not open any attachments unless you know & trust the source **

Each employee is responsible for checking their own email throughout the day. For office members, you are expected to check your email at least once every hour. We have “Group” emails set up and will automatically forward emails to team members that are responsible for them. The following email addresses will be forwarded:\

Owners, Manager, Service Consultants

Owners, Manager, Service Consultants

Owners, Management team

Owners, Management team

All team members

Every employee will immediately delete all promotional material from their own email. If the email is best suited to be answered by someone else, elevate the email by forwarding and notifying the right person. Text Messaging #

Texts are to be checked 4 times throughout the day.

  1. After morning meeting and vehicle placement
  2. Before lunch hour
  3. Early afternoon around 2:30
  4. Before Closing

Office computers notify when a text message comes through. If you see it, respond to it. Each member on the team responsible for texting will get their own login and password. There is also an app to download for your cell phone that will notify you on your phone. If there are any negative texts, this will be handled by the management team immediately upon notification.

Mobile Monkey #

Google (My Business) #

Facebook/Instagram Messenger #

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