General Section

Operating Hours #

Monday – Friday: 7:30a – 5:30p

Weekends: Closed

Appointments are scheduled from 8:15a – 4:00p

Open & Close Routines #

Open Routine #

  • Disarm alarm with code
  • Turn on open sign
  • Turn on all lights
  • Unlock bay doors 
  • Plug in vacuum outside between  east bays.
  • When weather permitting, leave garage doors open.
  • Turn on parts washer heater. Turn for 10 hours
  • Open air compressor valve
  • Turn on oil burning furnace [to the right 75*] (Cold Days)
  • Turn on porta-cools Pump & Fan to High – Both Sides (Hot Days)
  • Set Front Office Thermostat to 69* (Cold Days)
  • Turn on Front Office AC & Set lowest Possible (Hot Days)

Close Routine #

  • On Lock all bay doors & set sliders if available. There is a master key for all garage locks.
  • Lock back doors with slide
  • Turn off air compressor valve (Down)
  • Turn off oil burning furnace [all the way to the left] (Cold Days)
  • Turn off porta-cool Pump & Fan – Both Sides (Hot days)
  • Leave heater on East Side set to line on thermostat (Cold Days)
  • Turn off AC and/or set thermostat to 65*
  • Open both doors to front office to promote circulation
  • Arm Alarm system
  • Turn off open sign
  • Turn off all lights except on far eastside for security

Daily Staff Meeting #

All employees that are scheduled for an opening shift are required to attend the daily staff meeting that starts at 7:50 am. During this meeting we will review the daily schedule, highlights and lowlights of the day (yesterday/today), any announcements, etc. This meeting will be approximately 10 minutes long.

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